I’m a software engineer and mom of 3. They love learning and playing, and I started writing educational games because of them! At their public elementary school, they had “Tech Tuesdays” when they were supposed to play an online game every week for homework. Inspired, I wrote online educational games on my own to target specific skills they were developing at the time (e.g., patterns for my pre-schoolers, make 10 fact families for my kindergartener, etc.) and strived to actively integrate math problem solving into play.

Although their screen time was limited, it was an interesting hobby for me and my full-time employer encouraged it, so I moved on to writing educational apps. Teaming up with friends for some projects made it even more fun. My little ones are not little anymore and the target age of the educational apps grew as they did. 

After becoming a stage 4 metastatic lung cancer survivor, I decided to retire from my software engineering day job of 20+ years to design websites full time.  Visit Siegal Works to view my web design portfolio.