Geo Bowling

Test your U.S. states or world geography knowledge with this fun 3D quiz game.

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Geo Bowling

Ready to put your geography knowledge to the test?


Roll the bowling ball by keeping your finger on the ball on the screen and directing it where you want it to roll.

Knock pins

Earn points for major cities, geographic features, borders of US states or state nickname.

Avoid pins

Lose points for pins that do not match.


Your correct pins are shown in the top right and others are listed in the bottom right.


Earn bonus points by picking up blue chips or knocking correct pins into other correct pins.

Level Up

Five matches ends the round. Enough points advances you to the next round or the game is over.

Free Bowl

Rewards for every fifth level.

Free Points

Free Bowl means free points!


Go global finding countries, landforms or bodies of water for each continent.

World Challenge

Take the ultimate challenge by finding provinces, territories, major cities, landforms, bodies of water, tourist destinations and more for countries by continent or across the globe.

Geography Quiz

Test your U.S. states or world geography knowledge with this fun 3D quiz game. Borders, cities, state nicknames, tourist destinations and geographic features are all possibilities for U.S. states. Go global with continents, countries, provinces, cities, tourist destinations, major bodies of water, mountains and deserts across the world. Bowl your way to the top score. Every 5th level you get a free bowl! Geo Bowling is available on the App Store and Google Play Store, and Geo Bowling Lite, the free online web version, can be played from a desktop or laptop web browser.

Get it on Google PlayPlay lite

How to Play

Great for kids learning geography! Choose your challenge:

U.S. States

Knock into pins that are a match as a border, major city, site, state nickname or geographic feature of the randomly selected state. Earn points for correct matches and bonus points for knocking a match into another match or collecting blue chips. Advance to the next state if you’ve earned enough points. Be careful, hitting wrong pins will cost you. Every fifth level is a free bowl!


Rules are the same. Just find the countries, major landforms or bodies of water of the randomly selected continent and bowl your way through.


Ready for an even tougher challenge? Look for provinces, territories, major cities, tourist destinations, landforms or bodies of water for the countries within the continent. Or try the ultimate test and jet set across the globe with …

World Challenge

Every country within any continent is fair game!


Leaving your finger on the screen makes it easier to control the bowling ball.

Behind Geo Bowling

Geo Bowling began as a fun “HackFest” week project at my place of employment. With the goal of writing a 3D cross-platform game, I delved into Unity, using the 2018.4.13f1 Personal version. I would like to thank Bee, Papaya, Pal and Vi for their tireless effort compiling data, testing and coming up with enhancements for this app. Thank you, girls! You inspire and motivate me. Version 1.7 is built on Unity 2023.1.13f1.

Privacy Policy

Geo Bowling does not collect personal information as defined under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. There are no ads, no connecting to social media, no collecting or sharing of location or any other personal information of any kind, no outside links, no analytics, and no extras to purchase.