See Note

Note recognition is an important skill for students of many musical instruments or voice. This game makes note identification practice more fun with simple, engaging play.
  • App Store, Browser, Music

Geo Bowling

Test your U.S. states or world geography knowledge with this fun 3D quiz game.
  • App Store, Browser, Google Play, Social Studies

Piggy Banks

A game for kids who know the value of coins to practice adding, subtracting and breaking coin values. Also a nifty introduction to the concept of setting aside money to save, spend and give.
  • Browser, Math

Pattern Planets

Continue or create your own color pattern of 2 to 5 planets.
  • Browser, Math

Sort Order Train

Practice alphabetizing or sorting numerically. This is also a fun way to introduce the concept of less than and greater than.
  • Browser, Language Arts, Math

Shape Equate

Arithmetic, algebra, polynomials -- kids can analyze, predict, add, subtract, multiply, divide, problem solve, devise multiple solutions to a single problem, and more!
  • Browser, Math