POTUS in Reverse Order

You can now reverse the order of the Presidents in the latest release of POTUS in Order (v2.2.2 on Android and v2.2.3 on iOS). Know Presidents better most recent to earliest? Play or study that way. Also, while in Study […]

GeoBowling v1.7.2

On Android devices, the navigation bar is no longer hidden, and on iOS devices we are making sure the text on the canvas is only rendered in the “safe area” of the screen. In other words, elements won’t be obscured […]

POTUS in Order v2.2

Privacy Policy and Unity latest libraries updated. Because POTUS in Order has a Premium In-App Purchase, the base libraries for Unity’s In-App Purchase module were also updated. Unity’s In-App Purchase service is dependent on their Analytics service, so Analytics base […]

New Chapter

Yesterday was my last day at MicroFocus. I should say official last day. (I had been on long-term disability for over a year and hadn’t actually been working with them for a while.) Here’s what I wrote in my final […]