Version 2.0 of Make 10 Plus is now available! Special thanks goes to my brother-in-law, Shu2, for this release.

What’s inside 2.0?

While earlier versions had the settings option “Sum changes,” it wasn’t easy to understand what it meant and it was even harder to actually play, so I wanted to simplify that setting, in particular, and improve the usability of all the settings while I was at it. Now you can choose to let each level have a randomly selected “Make value” within a range. For example, if you choose the range of “5 – 10,” you could get Make 6, Make 9, Make 7 but not end up with Make 60 — which is really hard!

My 3 daughters suggested that Make 10+ keep the top 3 highest scores instead of just one (they chose 3 — coincidence?), so that was added in this release, too.

Most of the revisions of this release are imperceptible to the players, though, because they were re-writes of the base classes, having upgraded the code to the latest cocos2d (v3.4.3) and using SpriteBuilder (v1.4.9) to manage images and layouts.