POTUS in Order v2.0 is now ready for sale. Included in this release are a few minor changes in appearance on the About screens and the major addition of the Premium features, which are available through a single in-app purchase.

Premium features include more information on every POTUS such as Vice President, First Lady, date of birth, age at inauguration, other political offices held, and much, much more! There is even space for you to add your own custom notes.

Context-sensitive buttons and links also allow you to view lists of POTUSes that share a common trait. For example, suppose you are viewing Theodore Roosevelt. When you tap the “42” link, you will list all the POTUSes that were inaugurated in their 40s. Or tap the “Governor” link to view all POTUSes who served as Governor. Press the “Republican” button to list all the Republican POTUSes. Access premium features in Study mode, by tapping a POTUS. If you have not yet purchased the premium features, view a sample by tapping George Washington, otherwise you will be asked if you want to purchase POTUS in Order Premium. You can also make the in-app purchase from the About screen.